Sales Trendz

SalesTrendz’- A mobile app and cloud software for order management and for tracking activities of Field Sales People. ‘SalesTrendz’ Corporation developed the innovative app named ‘SalesTrendz’. ‘SalesTrendz’ is an enterprise solution for Order Management, Field Sales Team Activity Tracking, and Performance Management System for the sales team, Sales Analytics, Customer and Supplier management. It is a single app with multiple benefits for the Sales team, Customers, Suppliers and Decision Makers. Aimtech Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a master solution Partner for SalesTrendz.

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Please Consider Below:

How do you allocate routes and visit plans for your sales team? How fast is your order execution process? Are you still using Excel to manage your field salesperson activities, for customer and order management? Do you spend too much time consolidating the multiple reports? Ultimately, are you too reliant on manual process rather than an automated process?


Why ‘SalesTrendz’ for sales force automation?

  • Watch your sales executives perform, improve sales team productivity by up to 300%.
  • Track their location, order, and activities on a minute-to-minute basis.
  • Do away with reports, calls, and emails; give more selling hours to your sales team.
  • All activities of a customer in a single thread with live chat, never miss out anything.
  • Get stock update, collections, returns, feedback and competitor data on a single click.
  • Get crucial inbuilt performance indicator, e.g., Visit vs. Order, maximum revenue location and product wise, your best performing salesperson etc.

Why ‘SalesTrendz’ for order tracking and distribution Management?

  • Access data of dealers, retailers & distributors on the go, never miss any opportunity.
  • Error-free order execution, track order status on a single click.
  • Orders, invoicing, inventory and outstanding- access every info on the mobile app.
  • Connect live with thousands of dealers, distributors, warehouses & agents on a global distribution chain.
  • Find and reward the best distributors and dealers on their sales volume growth and order response time.
  • Get system alerts whenever a cause of concern arises.

Industries and Verticals:

‘SalesTrendz’ has been successfully implemented across the industries such as consumer durables & FMCG, baby care products, furniture and fixtures, stationary, garments, bathroom fittings, chemical, gifts and Chinese items, packed food and snacks, electricals and electronics, and many more.