How to grow sales with improvement in Software and Communication?

– Sachin Mehta

“Janam Baby Care” (Name Changed) is part of a large conglomerate that recently started a Diaper brand with operations throughout India. In no time they were able to become competitive across metro towns, A-Class, B Class, Class 100,000, Class 50,000, and Class 25,000 towns. One of the key reasons for their success was ensuring stocks are available and multiple ways in which they reached out to the customer. Additionally, existing relationships with customers and business competitiveness helped to grow business phenomenally. However, as sales were increasing, the supply end had teething problems regarding information and Updation of information on the same.

Sales officers and representatives for the client would visit 35 retail outlets every day and perform a minimum of one activity (Image-capturing of retail shelf or sampling or checking current trends) in addition to visiting 1-3 distributors. With up to 40 points of contact every day for each person, information, and decision through group chat or email were posing multiple problems.  “Have you checked my Email or WhatsApp chat?” was the question each team member would start the conversation with. They needed to efficiently book orders of re-sellers and assign them to distributors so the supply of the product could get started. Area sales executives and managers would be active on the field as well, requiring more robust software that could empower smarter communications between the sales team of more than 200 individuals.

To replace their previous business software, the client needed a tool that offered image capture for retail display and stock required, a unique requirement not all applications could provide. They also needed a tool that could support future integration of SAP and offered flash messaging which could be shared with all sales representatives and sales officers regarding specific offers and promotions. Across their entire distribution network, the new tool would reach more than 50,000 re-sellers, 8,000 stock lists, 200 direct billing points, and the factory.

Challenges and Requirements:

Due to the size of the client’s grass route sales team, they needed an SOP (standard operating procedures) that would provide guidance for retail visits, with in-built training tools and feedback systems for executives and managers. The tool needed to support following a very specific pattern: entering the store, taking photos to make sure product visibility requirements were being followed, then taking stock to find out the item’s position in the store, followed by an order. And if there was no order, then a reason has to be provided.

There has to be live tracking of the complete order process and the salesman needs to know the delivery status and the route.

The client also requested additional auto-suggestion features that would automatically suggest three to five items based on the in-built data analytics of the system. The software analyzes the order history of the retailer and looks for items that should be included but are not yet. This same system would need to analyze the popularity of items by region and city size, nearby stores, and more.


To meet specific requirements of the client, SalesTrendz Corporation prepared SalesTrendz software suite to provide a unique experience to all members of the sales and distribution team, including:

  • A proof of concept was provided after the initial brief was given to show the layout and feature presentation of the software for the client.
  • SalesTrendz Corporation took a consultative approach to help meet the specific business needs of the client and support the decision-making process for new features being added.
  • Training and on-site implementation resources were provided with a user interface designed to meet the specific needs of sales members who may not have had extensive training and executives who needed quick access to key data.
  • The tools were installed and integrated with existing systems, supporting future use of SAP.
  • Data was migrated from previous field software to SalesTrendz and prepared for use.
  • A feedback system was implemented for seamless and effortless execution, allowing executives to get real-time updates when a salesman visits a shop, allowing them to call within 30 minutes to get retailer feedback. This allowed the client to capture orders not taken during a salesman’s visit, which could be done directly through the app.

SalesTrendz allowed executives to be much more involved with the ordering and follow-up process, engage with the sales team online, and increase performance across several key metrics.

Results for the Client:              

The client benefited from the changes implemented by SalesTrendz to their ordering and follow-up process. There was an 18% increase in average order size across all retailers due to the implementation of custom recommendations in the tool, and the retailers were happier as they received orders and recommendations that were more relevant to their needs and local demands.


Key Benefits

  • Increase in healthy communication between team regarding an increase in sales.
  • Increased order size by a monthly average of 18%.
  • Provided direct feedback and follow-up methods for executives.
  • Ensured step-by-step process to train new salesmen.
  • Integrated custom features to support retail marketing efforts.
  • Provided ongoing support in training and customization efforts.

Aimtech BSPL is an authorized channel partner of SalesTrendz. SalesTrendz is an application which is helpful in order distribution and live tracking of the salesperson.

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