Voucher Authorization

Maker and checker is a universal principle which organization should have to ensure the separation of data entry and authorization person. That also means that for each transaction, there must be at least two individuals necessary for its completion.


  • The administrator can provide each user with wise separate rights for entry, verification, and authorization. The transaction can be authorized as per the approval rights assigned for the user in Tally.
  • To be provided in each stage of Voucher Approval.
  • Given to creator, verifier, and authorizer of Transaction
  • The User can check the status of the Transaction created or verified & they can also change any entry with Reason for alternation also mention by him in this report.


  1. Seniors can do checking of data entry without stopping work (with Regular entries).
  2. Can check the efficiency of the employees.
  3. Statutory work does not get affected, which could be stopped due to checking.
  4. Senior will be authorizing the entries with ease and with their convenience.
  5. Admin could get to know the efficiency report of the Junior & Senior team member.
  6. Can avoid manipulation of data as the senior team is verifying the data entry.
  7. Restricts changes in backdated entries as GST returns cannot be changed.