Society Module

The solution is designed for Housing Societies to manage their accounts. Amongst other things, the module enables automated billing and helps in timely control of the outstanding. 

This solution can be used by both types of societies i.e. Commercial OR Non-Commercial to timely update their accounts. GST records are updated along with invoicing records as well. 

Automation in invoicing results in higher productivity and accuracy of accountants thereby ensuring the reliability of member balances as reflected in accounts. 






• Save on your accountants’ time with entries related to bill creation i.e. rather than printing physically, you can mail the bill or receipt to the members. 

• Make your record basis Housing Society ready.

• Hassle-free GST Compliance.

• No need to remember which flat should have which revenue ledger.

• Accurate accounting gives peace of mind.

• Do the job of 2 days in 5 minutes.

•Cash Flow improvement.

• The simple report provides birds’ eye view on each flat outstanding.

• Brings transparency amongst members.


  • Sophistica Cooperative Housing Society Ltd.
  • The Small Industries Co-op Estate Ltd.
  • Nakshatra Tower CHSL
  • Swapnabhoomi A Co-op Housing Society
  • Kansara Chawl Co-op Hsg Society Ltd. 
  • Vivarea Condominium