Broker Module

Broker Module

Information on Brokerage or commission to be paid won’t be stressful anymore. Details of Broker wise Sales, Outstanding or Brokerage Calculation is a time-consuming task. In our module, the tagging of Broker Or Salesman’s name is made at the invoice level so as to present accurate Broker wise outstanding. The module provides details of brokerages to be paid only on Cleared Invoices.


• Salesman wise Sales Report.
• Broker wise Outstanding.
• Customers can purchase through Multiple Brokers.
• Manage the Brokers O/s.


• The outstanding Statement for customers for respective brokers can be provided to the concerned broker only for the Follow ups. Thus, saving time in doing it manually.
• Flexibility in selecting a broker for each customer transaction ensures transparent sales reporting across the organization.
• Brokers Bills can be tracked for the payment released by the customers.
• A fixed brokerage percentile for brokers can be defined in the Masters so the system can automatically calculate the brokerage amount. It saves manual intervention every time while preparing the invoice.
• Helps in cash flow management and improving working capital.
• Immediate the Generate Sales Report Respective Broker wise to track the performance of each broker.