Boost your Tally Performance.

Millions of users are using TallyPrime. It’s a habit for accountants and business owners to start TallyPrime as the first thing in the morning, At Aimtech; we are getting multiple queries on working of the software. This article is an attempt to share the knowledge and create awareness of some of the basics that should be addressed before calling an expert.

The types of questions that we keep getting are:-

1) Entries not being saved quickly

2) It takes time to open up a specific report like Columnar Sales Register.

3) Bank Reconciliation is taking a tremendous amount of time

4) When two users enter transactions simultaneously, the software takes time for saving the voucher.

While there is no single solution to the above problem, however, the following can be observed.

1)  Request and Response Framework.            

In-Network environment, TallyPrime works on a single request-response mechanism i.e. once the request and response to one client from Server is complete only then it takes up a request from another client machine. It is essential to know the number of machines from where the request is coming to the server.

2) Uniformity in Network link speed and Transfer Rate

The link speed and transfer rate of data have to be uniform across the network. If the link speed of 100 Mbps and the transfer rate is 56 kb then surely there shall be a performance issue in data. To ensure uniformity It is better to use Switch Over Hub technology.

3) Ping Speed

Make sure that the ping speed (Latency) from the client to the server and vice-versa is always less than 1 ms. when the ping speed rises to 3ms or more, a disturbance in the network could be observed. In that case, reset it to less than 1 ms and check the ping speed using the command (Ping Server name/Server IP –t) in the command prompt (cmd) for at least 20 minutes.

4) The capacity of RAM.

When a request for access to data comes concurrently from two client machines (e.g. one for the saving of entry and another for report), Tally.ERP9 gives preference to report generation. If the machines are having different RAM capacity then there would be uncertainty in response rate from the server. Hence it is suggested to have a uniform capacity of RAM size on all machines.

5)  Multiple cables in different routers.

In case Routers are of different speed in the network the data transfer rate would vary. Hence it is suggested to have a single router through which the network is connected.

6)  No Space in Drive or Old Machine.

Although Hard Disk space is not a constraint these days, it has been observed that low availability of disk space in which Tally.exe is installed Or the one machine in the network is old then there is a severe problem of ensuring a smooth run of the software.

7) Anti-Virus Setup

Whenever a client system accesses data from the server, a temporary file (having extension of .tsf) is created in TallyPrime data folder. Scanning of these temporary files impacts the performance of the software. After installing antivirus it should be ensured proper exceptions are updated in the software setup. “Tally.EXE, Tallyadmin.EXE, *.tsf and *.900” should be put in client and server antivirus exception lists.

8) Data Size and Features activated

Data size influences the memory usage unfavorably when a company is being loaded. The number of features activated (F11) in the company also impacts the performance of the software.  One should ensure that those which are not used are deactivated on a regular basis.

9) Multiple year data and unused masters.

Many times users continue to use data for multiple years together without getting the data split, hence masters created years ago continue to remain in the database. It is advisable to keep the data in the yearly mode rather than continuous years. Also in Display > List of accounts, there is an option (F5) available to check the list of unused masters. It is prudent to delete the unused masters to keep only the masters that are being used.

For Points 1,4,7,8 and 9 Tally Solutions has released Tally Server9. We recommend taking up a trial of the software and increase the performance of your team. For more information or trial click

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